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Opticom Sign Post Services, LLC
2170 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
PH: 408-445-2054
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FAX: 408-445-2084
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Opticom FAQs - Get the Answers


View some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't listed,
please give us a call at 408.445.2054 so we can help.

  • * How do I begin service with Opticom?

    • If you are new to Opticom, or it has been a while since you have conducted business with us, please begin by choosing "Log In Here To Order", located on the upper left side of the main menu.  You will be directed to a screen that shows a login and password for you to enter your account and view all of your orders.  If you are an existing client in our system and do not yet have the log in information,  please choose the option at the bottom of the screen that says  

      Existing customers, we have an account established for you.
      Please Click Here to retrieve your Login Credentials. Thank you.

  • * How do I contact Opticom?

    • Opticom has an office staff that is available from 8:00am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Our contact phone number is 408-445-2054.  We are here to answer your questions and help you navigate the website and ordering system.  We do not recommend leaving orders on voice mail as that can be difficult to interpret and cause delays in getting your order completed.

  • * Where is the Opticom office located?

    • We are located at 2170 Oakland Road San Jose, CA 95131. The nearest cross street is Atteberry Lane.

  • * What are Opticom's hours of operation?

    • Opticom's office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Employees are available for accepting orders during this time frame.   Orders are completed Tuesday through Saturday, excluding major holidays. Drivers are not scheduled to work on Sundays or Mondays.

  • * How long does it take to complete my order?

    • If  your order is received at Opticom by 5:00pm and is for a city within  Santa Clara County it will be processed and sent out with a driver the following day. Some cities may be designated "Out of Area" depending on distance and time to install, please contact Opticom to find out what, if any, areas in your listings are classified as "Out of Area".

  • * How many different types of posts do you offer?

    • Opticom has a variety of post choices that can be viewed in our Products page of the website.  The "Silver Creek" post is made specifically for homes that are listed in the Silver Creek area. They are made of wood and painted green with white lettering. The Silver Creek HOA will not allow anything other than this type of post for any house in their community. (Opticom does not manufacturer these green posts)

  • * What is the difference between an Opticom Box and an Agent Box?

    • Opticom has purchased and does provide the rental of Brochure boxes for any agent that requests one. You are welcome to hang your own box on the post if you already have one.  Please remove your box before ordering the post down, as we do not have the ability to store individual agent boxes at Opticom.

  • * What kind of Riders (smaller additional signs) does Opticom provide?

    • Opticom has a variety of "stock" riders to choose from. Please view our generic riders in the Products pages for choice of information and colors.

  • * What if I want more than 1 (one) post for my listing?

    • You can order as many posts as you would like by using the "Add an add'l signpost to this order" and you will be directed to another page that allows you to add an additional post and accessories. You can keep choosing to Add a post as many times as you like. Please use the comment section of each order to give specific instructions on where you would like the additional post to be placed.

  • * What if my listing is a LOT or just Land?

    • Not a problem. Opticom places many posts for empty spaces of land. All we ask it that you mark or flag exactly where you would like the post to be placed.

  • * What is the HOA?

    • Whether they are called the HOA or the Association of Home Owners, these groups govern many communities and complexes and have specific rules about Realtor rights. Please check with these groups before ordering.

  • * What do I do if the post that was installed is missing from my listing?

    • Opticom employees will only remove a post from a listing if we are given an order to do so from either the agent or the agent’s office, or if we find that someone other than an Opticom employee has relocated the post. Opticom employees are the only ones allowed to install and remove our posts. For insurance purposes alone, we must insist on this policy. If you find that a post is missing please contact Opticom immediately. Please talk to the seller or buyer to see if perhaps they have removed the post without your knowledge. Opticom will replace the post and its contents at your request, barring any city or neighbor objections, however, the lost post and its contents will be charged unless we can recover those items in the condition in which they were installed.

  • * What if the Opticom post is vandalized or broken by accident?

    • Opticom will replace the post at your request, provided that the circumstances of the situation are not likely to happen again. Please talk to the seller to see if there is an underlying problem before ordering up an additional post. Damaged posts are charged according to the degree of damage. Opticom will make every effort to salvage a post.

  • * What if I need to make an appointment with the installer?

    • Appointments are available at your request for an additional charge. Please see our current Services page for the extra charge.

  • * What if I want a post up in Tracy, Lathrop, Stockton, etc?

    • We have drivers outside of our regular areas to make sure we can meet your posting needs.  Please order in advance to ensure timely completion of the request as some areas are not serviced every day.  Please refer to our services page for a schedule of Out of Area fees.